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The smart and safe way to allergy patch test.

The smart and safe way to allergy patch test.

Our digital compliance tool reduces the risk of any insurance claim relating to cosmetic allergens.

Legal Assurance

Never refuse a customer again because of the 'patch test', welcome walk-ins with legal assurance.

Manufacturer's Guidelines

We work in line with manufacturer’s guidelines and your insurance policy.

Legal Safety

Our insurance provider guarantees your legal safety. We are here to empower and protect professionals against claims.

Frequently asked questions

As long as the salon is registered as a glo salon and using the software, yes you can go to multiple salons anywhere in the uk

As you normally would in a salon, or with your beauty professional.

No, as long as you are in the 6 month period just present your app to the establishment where you are having a treatment and you are good to glo.